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Independent Connection Provider (ICP)

VolkerSmart Technologies is a market leader in the delivery of Independent Connection Provider (ICP) works. We have the experience and accreditations to carry out ICP electrical connections on numerous electrical highway assets, across various power networks.


We provide a full, turnkey solution for connecting electrical supplies to new assets. As a ‘one-stop shop’, we remove the need to wait for third party connections, making our service efficient and cost-effective for our clients.

As a certified Independent Connection Provider, we carry out connections to both metered and unmetered power sources, transfers and disconnections. We also lay new mains and mains extensions.

Some of our works include connecting street lighting, CCTV, speed cameras, traffic enforcement equipment and EV infrastructure.

To date, VolkerSmart Technologies has completed over 40,000 ICP electrical connections on projects across the UK.

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