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Variable message signs and associated technology


VolkerSmart Technologies completed a project with Luton Council, to install a series of variable message signs (VMS) and associated technology, in and around Luton, to help resolve its congestion issue.

The business installed a UTMC-compliant carpark count outstation and vehicle detection equipment, whereby cars are detected by an inductive two loop system, as they enter and exit carparks. This is linked to the VMS to provide carpark occupancy data to the public.

VMS allows drivers to plan their route, taking account of traffic conditions and delays. They can then select a carpark based on real-time occupancy information.

Our experienced operations team supported the Council through each stage of the project, by liaising with VMS manufacturers during the design and installation phases, to ensure the works were delivered on time, within budget and to the required specification.

  • Installed 15 VMS at strategic points across the borough
  • Small, medium and large size specifications
  • Large screens on the approach to Luton Airport
  • Smaller screens in the town centre
  • Live updates such as upcoming motorway delays, safety notices, parking availability and driver behaviour messages
  • Increased driver efficiency and optimised carpark use
  • Two loop system provides an operator front end for monitoring system status, uploading/ downloading message plans and data records and equipment fault monitoring
  • Ongoing maintenance works

"This is great for Luton drivers, who can now access timely updates during their journey, that relate directly to where they are and where they are going. We believe this will help decision making in what routes to take, optimise the use of parking spaces in the town centre and ease congestion."

Cllr Paul Castleman, portfolio holder for highways

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