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Trojan Energy phase one


Working in collaboration with Trojan Energy, VolkerSmart Technologies delivered phase one of electric vehicle (EV) charge points along residential roads in Barnet.

The EV chargers are a new design which sits flat and flush within the footway. This leaves footways entirely clear and fully accessible to other pavement users, when not in use. This is essential for wheelchair users, those pushing buggies or pedestrians with a visual impairment, as it significantly reduces collision hazards.

To support with the installation, VolkerSmart Technologies provided early contractor engagement with the client to develop a bespoke ‘jig’. This has created a more efficient and safer installation process.

Throughout the project, the business worked closely with local residents to limit parking issues and adjust some site setups to minimise disruption. Upon completion and the chargers going live, residents now have the same opportunity to charge their vehicles as those with off-street parking. 

  • Installation of 463 EV charging points along 33 residential roads
  • Installation of feeder cabinets, including concrete base plinths, and associated trenching and cabling works
  • Electrical connections work awarded to VolkerSmart Technologies’ in-house independent connections team, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution, removing the need to wait for a third-party connection
  • Traffic management design work awarded to VolkerHighways’ in-house traffic management division


"We’re very pleased to be working with the team at VolkerSmart Technologies, who share our drive for both quality and keeping disruption to local residents to a minimum. These installations form part of Trojan’s first commercial contract, and we look forward to expanding our relationship with VolkerSmart Technologies as other councils see our joint work and realise everyone can benefit from the energy transition."

Ian Mackenzie, CEO for Trojan Energy

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