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Improving the safety of residential EV cables


In partnership with West Berkshire Council and Kerbo Charge, VolkerSmart Technologies is supporting a through-pavement electric vehicle cable channel trial along residential roads in West Berkshire.

Kerbo Charge 2.jpg

Kerbo Charge’s mission is to expand the EV market to those without off-street parking. To do this, they have developed an ultra-slim design whereby cables run just under the pavement surface, covered by the channel’s self-closing lid. The design enables EV owners to insert and remove their cable, like a zip, in less than 30 seconds.

The innovative design eliminates the risk of trips and falls caused by wires across footways; it blends in with the surrounding pavement and withstands pressure equivalent to a lorry driving over the top.

VolkerSmart Technologies provided all civil works including excavation and reinstatement. So far, the trial has been extended to three residential streets in Calcot, Newbury and Kintbury in West Berkshire.

Kerbo Charge.jpg

The trial will be ongoing for several months and public feedback will be gathered. It’s expected residential chargers, such as these, could save residents an average of £1,715 a year, compared to solely using rapid chargers.


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