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Parking sensors: Connexin


VolkerSmart Technologies, in partnership with award-winning smart city technology firm Connexin installed car parking sensors along the UK’s smartest street on behalf of Newcastle City Council.

  • Installed 20 sensors embedded in parking bays
  • Sensors detect when vehicles occupy or leave a space
  • Information transmitted to a database in real time
  • Mobile application allows drivers to see live updates on parking availability

VolkerSmart Technologies is a ‘Smart Cities’ initiative from integrated highways service provider, VolkerHighways.

"This has been a challenging project due to its tight turnaround time and the high levels of anticipation around new smart technologies. Engaging reputable partners was key, to successfully implementing this project, and VolkerSmart Technologies delivered over and above our expectations - both in terms of quality and the timeframe. The whole process has been flawless."

Alex Yeung, co founder & COO for Connexin

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