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Oxfordshire: Electric vehicle charge points


VolkerSmart Technologies worked in partnership with Franklin EV, for Oxford City Council, to increase the number of electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs) available throughout Oxfordshire.

As part of a phase one trial for Oxford City Council’s ‘Go Ultra Low Oxford’ Project, VolkerSmart Technologies installed on-street, standalone charging units, for residents with no access to a driveway. The team also installed domestic wallbox units, which are powered by each household’s consumer unit, securing them against electricity theft.

Keeping safety front-of-mind, an innovative, covered channel was developed to run a charging cable through the footway beside each unit, reducing trip hazards.

As part of the phase two upgrade and replacement project, the team collaborated with Franklin EV, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council, to deliver a new build-out solution to move EVCPs from the footway to the highway.

This project highlights the business’ capability to provide optimised solutions which meet individual client requirements, in a range of challenging locations.

  • Installed nine on-street, standalone units
  • Installed five domestic wallbox units, powered by the household’s consumer unit
  • Wallbox units are waterproof and secure from electricity theft
  • Developed an innovative, covered channel within the footway
  • EVCPs fitted with extra-long charging cables and smart energy meters, to monitor usage
  • Build-out solutions installed with dual ports, to increase charging availability, and protection bollards, for defence against potential vehicle impact damage
  • Increased efficiency by utilising existing electrical connection with the DNO, meaning only electrical supply disconnection, reconnection and commissioning was needed
  • Prototype chargers that were used for phase one were sent back to the manufacturer, to be reconditioned or recycled
  • Ensured full compliance for advance permitting of works, in accordance with the New Road and Street Works Act and the Traffic Management Act
  • Letter drops used to keep residents fully informed of the works

"One of the main challenges we face in Oxford is space for on-street chargers, and the Council is creating solutions for residents without off-road parking, who are therefore unable to install their own charger. VolkerSmart Technologies was very collaborative in their approach."

Councillor Tom Hayes, Cabinet Member for Green Transport and Zero Carbon Oxford

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