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EEM National Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Framework


VolkerSmart Technologies has been selected for Efficiency East Midlands’ (EEM) Framework.

  • Supply, install and maintain commercial electric vehicle charging points
  • Wall-mounted charging points
  • Pedestal charging points
  • Stand-alone charging points
  • Local authorities and businesses can bypass lengthy tender process
  • Access to fully vetted procured specialists

VolkerSmart Technologies is a ‘Smart Cities’ initiative from integrated highways service provider, VolkerHighways.

"Appointing a well-established company such as VolkerSmart Technologies means we can provide our members with the expertise and innovation they need to deliver charging points across the country to meet the ambitious UK government targets to end the sale of new combustion engine-powered cars and vans by 2035."

Rebecca Dermody-Simmons, deputy chief executive at EEM

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