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VolkerSmart Technologies is currently working on a full fibre rollout contract with CityFibre.

  • Full fibre network reaching homes and businesses across Ipswich
  • Excavating 300,000m new trenches
  • Installing ducting
  • Blowing, splicing and testing fibre optic cables
  • Utilising existing underground infrastructure
  • Utilising overhead telecommunications infrastructure
  • Quick and efficient delivery
  • Reduced disruption to local residents

VolkerSmart Technologies is a ‘Smart Cities’ initiative from integrated highways service provider, VolkerHighways.

"We are thrilled to welcome VolkerSmart Technologies to our growing list of build partners. We are confident they will bring a vast amount of expertise to our build in Ipswich. Our intention is to find partners to grow with us and we believe VolkerSmart Technologies will be a model build partner, consistently delivering a high standard of work, and at the pace we require."

James Thomas, CityFibre’s director of supply chain

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